sculptural wall hooks in bronze

About the brand


EVAANNA creates functional art objects in Budapest using traditional metalsmithing techniques embracing heritage, making things that last.
The brand has two missions: functionality and art. The objects are designed to be comfortable grabbing them; with their soft shape they fit perfectly in your grip. They are made of solid brass and bronze which will serve you for a lifetime. Aesthetics is another important element: do the objects you surround yourself with give you joy and inspiration? Maybe you never looked at knobs and handles as a possibility to be inspired, but you should. We often underestimate the influence of little things, but even the smallest details can define how you feel yourself in that place.

EVAANNA is encouraging you to make conscious choices: choose long-lasting pieces that elevate your personal space.

About the maker


I’m Eva Anna Gulacsi, an architect and metalsmith based in Budapest. I studied traditional jewelry making, but I was always more interested in creating something for our home. In a world of mass production I find great value in the imperfect beauty of handmade things. I make every object myself so that I can make sure that the finished product looks and behaves exactly how I envisioned it. In a way I’m still making jewelry, jewelry for the home.



I use brass and bronze for my objects. These materials are very similar, they are copper alloys, the reason why I use both is their difference in color. Brass has a golden, more elegant vibe whereas bronze has a warm brown hue. I don’t believe in plating and different finishes, it always wears off over time. Every object is made with a living finish, meaning that as the product ages, it will naturally develop a darker color due to oxidation and create a beautiful patina. The pieces are intentionally unlacquered, because beside that I love the feeling of the raw metal, I like the idea that these objects age like us human beings, and it should not be mistaken for flaws. Not to mention that these materials are antibacterial, but that only works if the materials are raw, unlacquered and unplated.

About the process


I start the design process by making models in clay, shaping it with my hands. Then the clay models are sand casted in  solid brass or bronze. This technique, where molten metal is poured into a sand mold, dates back thousands of years. After casting, the objects are sanded and polished by hand, leaving the grains of sand and the air bubbles visible in the finished piece. I drill and thread-cut the pieces one by one, then punch the EVAANNA logo in every object. It is a time-consuming and complex process, embracing traditional techniques and making things that last.


In this materialistic and overcrowded world surround yourself only with things that last. It is the simplest form of sustainability: do not generate waste, invest in pieces that last a lifetime both emotionally and physically. My objects strive to achieve that physically: solid brass and bronze are durable, rustproof and antibacterial. Without any coating that could wear off throughout the years, but with a living finish that creates a beautiful patina. Emotionally: the sculptural form and the raw, textured surface coming from the sandcasting method, finished by hand mean every piece is slightly different and unique.

All objects are crafted in Budapest, the starting and finishing touches are made in my atelier, the casting procedure is made by a family-run business in Budapest as well. Small batch production results in minimal raw material waste, and thanks to the casting method all material can be reused and recasted.

All packaging is plastic-free. The cardboard box is fully recyclable and made from 70% recycled content. The protective filling is a bubble wrap made from 100% paper.

Due to summer holidays, new orders will be shipped in September!

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